Mar Kevin CayabyabHi, I am Kevin and I am currently working as a Technology Consultant. My hands are currently busy with web development and design. I enjoy coffee a lot.

I started this art blog with the aim to inspire and be inspired as well, to teach and to learn, and to motivate myself to work smart while enjoying the work itself. My eyes are currently fixed on small victories, so, this blog will be full of work-in-progress and a lot of valuable mistakes. If you find anything here that fascinates you, please do chat with me about it – I love encouragements and criticisms. By any chance, if there’s a work you want the both of us to accomplish, do fire an email to mk.cayabyab@gmail.com .

I believe that my life with all its imperfections is a masterpiece, simply because I am one of The Master’s piece. To God be the glory!